Starters/light dishes


DKK 99,-

With dressing and bread

Classic “stjerneskud”

DKK 179,-

Open sandwich, with plaice and shrimp

Salad with southern fried chicken breast

DKK 129,-

With grilled chicken breast, bacon, herbal dressing and bread

Snack basket

DKK 109,-

With salsa and Aioli

Fish ‘n chips

DKK 129,-

With sauce tartar

Main courses

Grandma’s tenderloin pot

DKK 139,-

With baked mashed potatoes and beets

Schnitzel with butter sauce

DKK 149,-

With fried potatoes and peas

Beef tenderloin

DKK 259,-

With herbs, potato tower and red wine sauce

King “Fiddes” Favorite

DKK 169,-

Striploin with 1/2 eggs, beets and potatoes

Minced beef steak

DKK 149,-

With potatoes, onion and fried egg

Soup of yellow peas

DKK 99,-


Grandma’s beef burger

DKK 145,-

With cheese, bacon and fries

Burger with chicken fillet

DKK 145,-

With salsa, bacon, cheese and fries


Ice cream dessert

DKK 99,-

With crunch, caramel sauce and Baileys shot


DKK 89,-

With almonds and chocolate sauce

Danish apple trifle

DKK 69,-


DKK 89,-

With ice cream and strawberry sauce